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Some Points About Buying Peak Season of Pencil Case

Release time: 2024/1/11 11:24:18
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Some Points About Buying Peak Season of Pencil Case

Some Points About Buying Peak Season of Pencil Case

Every industry has its peak seasons and off-seasons. Before the peak season coming, there is often the peak purchasing season, so planning the time is particularly important.

Why should we particularly emphasize the importance of buying time? The peak purchasing season means that industry customers place orders to suppliers during a certain period of time, and the supplier's production capacity is limited. If your supplier's order volume happens to be saturated just before you place the order, you would not receive the shipment as expected. In this way, it is possible to disrupt your sales plan and even fail to keep up with the peak sales season of the local market.

If you know the peak production season periods of your industry suppliers, you can avoid such problems.

As far as stationery  pencil cases, according to data from Google Trends in the past five years, the period when search data increases sharply every year is from the end of June to the beginning of September. This is easy to understand, because September is the beginning of back to school season, and compared to the spring semester, the atmosphere is stronger. After all, there are new students enrolling, and parents will not hesitate to buy various stationery for their children.

google trends data for pencil case

Once understand this point, you can plan your plan in advance based on the specific conditions of your local market and company. According to the company's procurement process, suppliers should be contacted in March to discuss specific project matters. Because from contact to order placement, it takes at least one month, and at most two or three months. The order should be finalized around June. Generally speaking, the factory needs one month of production time, plus one month of transportation time, and the goods will arrive at the warehouse in August.

If all goes well, it will be just in time for the start of the back to school season.

Of course, this is an ideal procurement state. If something unexpected happens during the project, or the supplier has uncontrollable circumstances, the results will be difficult to predict. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you still need to reserve a month as a buffer in case of accidents.

In this way, you can catch up with the peak sales season without having to hold too much inventory. However, it is still important to emphasize that enough time should be reserved for orders and communicate with suppliers in advance.

The sales of suppliers may tell their customers that the peak season is coming, and if you want to stock up, please prepare in advance. This kind of information may be received in every purchase. 

In my opinion, don’t just understand it as a little trick played by sales to push orders. This may also be true. If you happen to have an order plan, you might as well take advantage of it first so that the factory can prioritize production in advance for you.

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